How to create a great sports program

Good preparation is the key to good communication

So there are some important things to consider before broadcasting your game. First, prepare the broadcasting equipment. Please start streaming before bringing your viewers online. In the Comments section, you can preview the image before going online for viewers. Select the Live menu item and select the appropriate broadcast.

Make sure you have a good internet connection

Smooth coordination is required to ensure good mobility. Outdoor 스포츠중계 streaming works best if your phone or tablet has a good 4G connection. 4G won’t be any more certain if it plays games indoors. In that case, wireless Wi-Fi is a better option. It works with 2-3 megabytes, but we recommend stable for about 5 megabytes of traffic. Try your partner and start a test site like Akola.

Prepare equipment

Even the transport equipment needs to be repaired. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and has enough data. For an “average” type circuit, about 1 GB of data per hour is required. If you’re streaming at a higher level, you’ll need twice as much data.

If this is done on your device, disable “Locked rotation”. Otherwise, even if you are broadcasting in modified mode, the image will harden in the form of an image. Also, if you’re playing on your cell phone, use “Silent” so the radio doesn’t stop when someone calls you.

I recommend three times

For a good broadcast, you should hold thrice on your phone or tablet, depending on what you’re using. The same is true, but using triples will make broadcasting easier. Viewers will also be happy to see a stream of relevant images.

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Find a suitable place to shoot

The position you stand is very important and you should always try to stay in the middle of the space when shooting. Find the altitude of the equator and stop there. Also, make sure you’re in a place where the audience isn’t in front of the camera.

Leaving the stadium is always a success and gives a great picture of the game. Big stands and platforms are great places to broadcast. Standing on a chair or table is another way to lightly clean floors. Here are some design solutions suitable for this field.

If you are too far from the field or if you are capturing too much of the field, you can use the application zoom slider. The zoom slider is located just below the field in the left corner of the app. Check the zoom settings before starting the game.

Position yourself in the center of the field and point the camera at the target. Zoom close to the target, but be careful not to zoom in enough to make the image flat and cause problems after the game when playing with the camera. To zoom under broadcasts. Only correct if you are too close or too high in a long-hire game.

Think before you speak

When broadcasting, remember that everything you say is sent directly to the broadcast and to your audience. Comment on the game and enjoy. Therefore, avoid talking about adding anything to the media.

Our advice is valuable

Before completing this section of the School of Broadcasting, we encourage you to watch the video below. So, before you start the video, here are some of the most important tips for getting a good broadcast.

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While playing, watch the game on your device screen.

That way, the audience can see what they saw during filming. Instead, watching the game without looking out the window increases the likelihood of giving viewers a bad experience.

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