How to Attract and Nurture Quality Instagram Followers

Do you want to increase your business on Instagram? Do you want a tried and true process to follow? In this post you'll discover three ways to draw and engage your followers on Instagram to convert them into customers and leads.

Do you want to increase your business on Instagram? Do you want a tried and true process to follow? In this post you’ll discover three ways to draw and engage your followers on Instagram to convert them into customers and leads.


#1: Attracting the Right Audience on Instagram

At the top of the funnel your task is straightforward the goal is to increase your amount of Instagram followers, and ensure that they’re engaged in your content. It is essential to only have top-quality followers. Inflating your numbers by purchasing followers will cause data distortion further down the line, resulting in lower clicks on your links and the rate of conversion.


How do you make sure that you’re attracting engaged followers? There are many thousands Instagram followers, but If they’re not engaging with your page and don’t do you any good. Concentrate your efforts on gaining real followers to ensure your data isn’t distorted when you take forward in the funnel.


Brands can gain real Instagram followers using techniques that include:


  • Marketing via Influencers
  • Use of Instagram hashtags strategically hashtags
  • Cross-promotion (promoting their Instagram account through other channels, such as emails or YouTube)

Here are a few methods to ensure that you’re getting genuine followers. The growth of your account may initially be slow However, if you keep trying you’ll begin to see an increase in followers that is steady. With these strategies you will see a steady growth of the growth of your Instagram account, resulting in more leads to transfer to the Instagram marketing funnel.

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Organic Tactics to Establish and Build Brand Awareness

In the field of digital marketing the term “growth hacking” can be described as a technique used to refer to playing around with various marketing strategies to find out what works, and crucially, figuring it out quickly. When you test a new marketing strategy and then quickly determine if it works, and decide to stick with it or discard it and switch to the next method. The main focus of your research is growth, and you’re looking for the best methods to increase your Instagram followers as well as your business.


What growth hacking strategies could you implement to boost your Instagram account to move customers into your funnel for sales? Let’s go over some strategies to consider.


brand awareness is the way in which people are able to recognize your brand. To illustrate this most people recognize Twitter’s blue bird. Another great illustration are the arches that shine gold at McDonald’s. These are established companies who have been doing marketing for a long time. Smaller companies have more work to complete before their brand becomes easily identifiable.


Does Your Marketing Strategy Need an Upgrade?

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Hashtags are a different way to build brand awareness. What kinds of hashtags do you want to make use of on Instagram? Start by thinking about what people might type into the search box to find your account. If you’re a retailer of clothing and you want to be descriptive, hashtags like #fashioncompany (which has only 19K users) and #teenstyle (which includes 219K) might help your account be discovered. It is recommended to use hashtags with less than 300K followers or your content will not be noticed.

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Explore the hashtags you’re competitors are using to get ideas. You can also experiment with various types of tags, including your own brand-specific hashtags.


Use Influencer Campaigns to Grow Your Instagram Followers

At the highest point on the Instagram sales funnel, you’re trying to increase your followers and the influencer-based marketing is a great way to increase brand recognition and followers. If you request an influencer to share a post about your company you’re exposing your brand to a lot of people who might not have been aware of it prior to.


Beginning using influencer marketing is simple. The first step is to decide if you’d prefer to use micro- or macro-influencers.


Micro-influencers generally have between 10 to 1 million fans. Micro-influencers on the contrary, have less than 10,000 fans. While macro-influencers could be the most effective choice at first but micro-influencers offer a number of advantages as well. They’re cheaper and generally get higher engagement on their content.



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