Fluffy & Adorable British Blue Kittens

When you are looking for a blue kitten make sure that you are aware of all of the species and you have the services of the pure breeders. It is important that you know the specialities of the blue kittens. Having the grey coat and bluish, yellowish, and greenish eyes. Most adorable Blue British Shorthair have their specialities. All breeds are available in this company. You are about to have the services of the most reliable and pure breeders. 

Blue Kittens

Here you can read about all of the details of the breeds so you must make sure that you have your favourite blue kitten at home. 

If you are about to have a blue kitten then you must make sure that you are going to select your favourite and suitable kitten as well. The kitten will spend the time that is after just parting with the mother then you must make sure that you have prepared all of the required materials for the kitten.

Choosing The Breed

So be careful while choosing the breed and you must make sure that you are ready to give a safe and secure new home to your kittens.  

  • Russian blue kitten: Russian Blue kitten is a fairly common breed. Most people love to have this breed. This breed is very playful and social. On the other hand the kitten keeps you busy in your daily routine. These kittens are more social than other kittens. Whereas these kittens spend their time with children and family in a very enjoyable way. When you are talking about the Russian blue kitten you must know that these blue kittens are prone to different diseases. 
  • Nebelung: This breed is also very adorable and due to its long body and fur it is love by most people. This breed is very rare. The name shows that these blue kittens are mist and fog coats. Whereas the Nebelung kittens are more loyal towards the family members to whom they know.
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Blue Kittens

Chartreux Kittens

  • Chartreux:  Although their coats are shorts and it is the only breed that comes in the blue colour. They have a large range of eye colours in which most of the colours are copper, golden and orange in colour. In this way their eyes become more attractive and adorable. They can have thinner coats and these kittens are very intelligent. 
  • Korat: When you are talking about the Blue kittens then you must know that Korat is one of the most favorite kittens. Its eye colours start with the amber colour and it changes with the time. There will be a totally different colour when they will come to the mature age. Whereas their colours are more attractive in all of the stages. 

British Shorthair Kittens

British shorthair is the most attractive, adorable social blue kitten. On the other hand, this kitten is in a wide variety. They are know due to its blue fur and its activities with the owner also make it more fascinating. Most people give this breed as a gift to those who are at work and live independently. 

Oriental shorthair: Almond shaped eyes, slender body and large ears and most of the important things it’s activities make it more demanding. The eye colours tend to be green, copper and golden. They intend to live more playful in their kittenish. It is also observe that these kittens are kept in comparison with the british shorthairs. 

Burmese: The most favourite Burmese blue kitten is a sports kitten in medium blue as well as a blue tortoise shell. Their eye colours tend to be yellow and gold which attract the viewers. They have a silky coat which are shorts but its coat is easy to groom. 

  • Persian: Persian is a quiet, calm and adorable kitten that is know as the most moody kitten as well. This kitten loves to have a peaceful and calm home. In this way this breed of the blue kitten also wants to have more attention and attraction. Whereas the kitten also wants to play with its owner. It is love due to its fur and eye colour. 
  • American shorthair: Very friendly, social and playful kitten is always there to spend a memorable time with you. It is more demanding due to the size and attractive colour. It comes in various colours whereas the kitten is also available in the blue colour. Its grey colour gives the shades of the blue colour.
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Norwegian Forest Kitten

This Blue Kittens is very kind, gentle, calm and playful with the children and other pets as well. This kitten is know because of its dense, long hair. It has dense fur. It has a large size and it loves to follow you. This kitten will prefer to sleep next to you.

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