Fix The Issue of When QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding

The user can use the outlook service for emailing; to send emails from the QuickBooks application. While sending emails, the user may face the problem of sending these emails from QuickBooks to Outlook. The QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding error comes in a form that says, “QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook. Close any open Outlook windows and try again.” This error can occur due to the mismatch between the QuickBooks and Outlook or due to the unstable internet connection. There are more reasons to be discussed in the blog and various methods of troubleshooting. So read the full blog.

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Why is your Outlook not responding?

There can be many reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of the error and hence have many solutions. Let us have a look at those regions that have the real problem:

1. An unstable internet connection can stop the processing of the emails from getting sent.
2. If the present version of QuickBooks and Outlook lacks compatibility, then an error can occur.
3. The web browser’s incorrect setup related to email can also lead to this error.
4. When the versions of QuickBooks and Outlook have become old and outdated, an error can show up.

Those were the reasons that could be pointed out and rectified to have the error removed.

How can you send emails from QuickBooks to Outlook?

The user can set two admins on both the application and service, check the browser’s setting, and check Email Preferences in QuickBooks to resolve the error. Follow the steps given below:

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Solution: Let QuickBooks and MS outlook run as admin

For this, you have to run QuickBooks and Outlook as an administrator. Learn how to do it:

1. Close the QuickBooks Desktop application for now.
2. Then, navigate to the Windows Start menu.
3. Now type Quickbooks in the search box, and then right-tap the icon when it appears.
4. Select Open file location.
5. Right-click on the QuickBooks.exe file, then click the Properties option.
6. Tap the Compatibility tab.
7. Now tick mark the option of Run this program as Administrator.
8. Do select Apply. After that, click OK.

It was how you could set QB and Outlook as an admin. Now again, try to send your emails. If you are still unable to send emails from QuickBooks, then close Outlook while sending mail. This step must help you with the problem.

If you are still having trouble in resolving the outlook problem in QuickBooks then you must immediately connect with one of our QuickBooks Pro Advisors who are experts in resolving these kinds of issues.

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The blog shed light on QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding, initially giving a brief introduction, followed by the causes, and finally, the troubleshooting. If the problem persists and you are yet unable to send the email, you should have a word with QuickBooks Support experts on a phone call at +1-855-856-0042 to get the best advice and tip.

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