Do Head Cleaning Like This

How often should your home get a head cleaning? And what things need to be do extra clean? Here is the guide on how to get everything from carpets to curtains completely clean.

Main cleaning 1-2 times a year

In the daily cleaning of the home. It is rare that you have time to get to the bottom of the cleaning – and it is not necessary either.
But once or twice a year, it can be a good idea to set aside time to get to the bottom of the cleaning. Depending on how many people you are and how dirty Privat rengøring it gets.
Some choose to basic clean one room at a time, while others choose head cleaning in the spring and fall. Spring and autumn are a good time for head cleaning. As you can open all the windows. And ventilate furniture, rugs, mattresses and duvets outside.
If head Privat rengøring turns into a good experience and a joint project in the household. For example, children can take part with tasks that suit their age. If it is unmanageable, it may be a good idea to draw up a plan for the work. You can choose to scratch and get it over with on a weekend, or make a plan for smaller weekly activities.
To make cleaning healthy and friendly, it is a good idea to buy good tools. And cleaning products that are effective. And at the same time gentle in relation to the indoor climate and the external environment. For example, choose one of the means and tools that have an official eco-label.

How do you approach the head cleaning?

There is no recipe for how to approach the cleaning in the home. but there are many rules of thumb that are good to follow if you need to clean and .
  • Clean up first .The fewer things that stand in the way of cleaning, the easier it is to clean.
  • Put things in place, review kitchen cabinets. Children’s clothes, etc. And make a box / sack for recycling with the things. That are no longer used in the household.
  • Choose a day where the sun shines so that all loose blankets, pillows. Mattresses, duvets, teddy bears, etc. can come out into the open and be air and beaten with a carpet knocker. Then it is easier to clean the rooms.
  • Clean from top to bottom. It can often be equal to removing dust. And dirt from the ceiling and the top of the cabinet before you go to war with the vacuuming. If you start from the bottom, you may have to wash the floor several times for a good result.
  • Open windows and doors, and wash them in bars and frames. There are often spots, pupae and small animals that need to be remove before the windows are clean.
  • Pull out furniture and beds and vacuum . It is especially important to clean behind beds and sofas. As there may be dust and excrement from house dust mites, and you also get check Privat rengøring for mold.
  • Wash furniture. Take down curtains, paintings, photos and other wall-mounted objects and clean them.
  • Dust off green plants. It is a good idea to give the plants a summer vacation on the patio if they can tolerate it.
  • Vacuum foot panels and wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Clean the floors.

Clean walls and ceilings

  • Sweep the ceiling and walls with a dust brush with a long shaft. microfiber or a cloth wrapped around a broom head.
  • Wipe painted parts over with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Use evt spray bottle for difficult stain. Where you have mixed 1 liter of water with 1 tbsp. hand dishwashing detergent.
  • Porous surfaces should not be expose to moisture.
  • Wipe washable wallpaper with a wrung-out cloth.
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