Can I buy a mobile on EMI without a credit card? 


In today’s world of globalization, no one can deny the importance of a mobile phone in our everyday lives. Our lives have become increasingly reliant on mobile phones. They help us stay connected, assist us in our day-to-day activities, and help us stay updated on the latest news and trends. 

In 2021, India had 1.2 billion mobile customers, with roughly 750 million using smartphones. It is expected to become the second-largest smartphone producer in the next five years. Smartphone technology continues to advance and change so rapidly that it is hard for even the most tech-savvy people to keep up sometimes. 

This evolving technology necessitates us switching to a new phone now and again, and we may not always have the necessary funds to do so. Here is where EMI comes into play. Today, customers can take an EMI not only on their credit cards but also on their debit cards to buy their desired phones. 

When buying a phone, why should you choose EMI?

EMI allows customers to pay for their purchases in installments rather than paying upfront, significantly reducing the burden on their finances. 

Due to this, customers get a chance to buy their desired phone, and they do not have to settle for something if they cannot afford it.

There are numerous reasons why EMI is a viable option when purchasing a phone.

  • Thanks to financing, the high-end mobile that once seemed expensive and out of reach are now easily accessible. If necessary, make a small down payment and pay the balance over time via EMIs.
  • One of the main advantages of buying a phone on EMI is that people have a lot of freedom to repay it.
  • Buying a smartphone on EMI is a wise decision because there are no hidden expenses. Individuals pay the same amount as if they paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • Taking out minor loans and paying the EMIs on time might help boost a person’s credit score.
  • Consumers can also take advantage of exchange deals with the no-cost EMI option.

EMI alternatives to purchasing a mobile without a credit card

A few options which individuals can choose to buy mobile on EMI without credit card are: 

  1. Consumer durable loans

A consumer durable loan is the most popular way to pay for gadgets, including mobile phones, televisions, laptops, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators. 

The loan amount varies by lender, and the payment terms are flexible.

Banks and NBFCs widely offer consumer durable loans. They are available with minimum documentation and no collateral requirements.

  1. EMI on debit cards

Buyers can also buy a phone on EMI with their debit card if they do not have a credit card. 

Customers in India’s leading banks have access to this service. First, they have to see if they are eligible for this option with their bank. 

If they are eligible, they can use their linked account to purchase and repay the borrowed funds in convenient EMIs while choosing the suitable duration.

Further, many sellers and banks also provide no-cost EMI options, where individuals do not have to pay monthly interest. Online lending platforms also offer a no-cost EMI option to purchase a laptop. 

  1. EMI cards

An EMI card can be used to buy mobile on EMI without a credit card. This is typically a pre-approved loan that allows to purchase and break the cost down into manageable monthly payments.

EMI cards are available from almost all major banks offering consumer durable loans.


EMIs are a viable way to purchase expensive devices. While customers prefer to pay for a product upfront, EMIs can make it possible to pay in affordable installments. With the help of EMIs, a new smartphone is easier to buy than ever before.  With its help, customers can split the cost of their desired phone into smaller amounts, making it suitable for each customer’s financial situation.  In addition, EMIs make it easy for first-time smartphone buyers to unlock the full potential of their devices and get them set up just right.

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Buying a mobile on a monthly installment plan allows one to use the greatest brands’ features without straining their monthly budget.  Use these simple financing options to buy mobile on EMI without a credit card. Further, choose a reputable EMI lender, such as Emilife, which allows buying mobiles on a no-cost EMI plan.

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