Benefits Of Personalized Interactive Video

It is already a trend in marketing. There is always room for video, which should have a prominent place. Until not too long ago, any marketing action was unidirectional. The company created a video and the client consumed it. End of story. Now, the user wants-needs-wishes to go further. Hence, the personalized interactive video.

Defining custom interactive video

It is a video in digital format that requires an action from the user, such as answering a questionnaire, buying, using the voice or simply clicking. It is such a versatile type of video that it can be used in different contexts (professional, sales, corporate, educational…).

Thanks to the interaction video with the users, this format increases the interest and motivation, as well as the understanding of the message that is given to them. Its personalized character gives the viewer the opportunity to interact from the moment they press play.

Do not think that you can only use it to entertain the public, there are companies that put it into practice to make calls to action or get more leads in their subscription forms. Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity to let the user create their own path to purchase.

5 advantages of personalized interactive video

It is clear that motivation is a great ally for any action-project-idea on which we work, but not everything is motivation. Personalized interactive video also brings us other opportunities:

More conversion

The public decides what to see, when, how and from where. If you offer them a video that they can participate in and that fits their circumstances and needs, they will almost certainly click. And you know what that means, Conversion!

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More permanence of the users in the videos and visualizations

Being the client who decides what to see, everything changes. Video abandonment rates are reduced and views and time spent on the video are increased. Your audience likes the idea of ​​being able to choose between different possibilities and become an explorer.

More leads and higher quality

You can make questionnaires where only those users who have answered correctly go to the next phase. In this way, you will avoid the participation of people who do not have a real interest in the subject. The result? Only quality leads will remain.

You know the public better.

Thanks to the decisions they make, the videos they watch and those who don’t, as well as the personalization of the interactive video, it will be much easier for you to know the users who watch your videos.

Improve SEO.

Where are you going to post your video? On your website? On a landing page? The ideal is to host it in a place with a special code and from a careful server. Users will view it as many times as they want, while the SEO of your website goes through the roof.

Do you dare to make your next personalized interactive video? Start creating it and turn learning into a digital adventure!

Do you know the benefits of personalized interactive video?

It has been very well received in the training sector, especially in times of COVID-19, where telemetric classes have been imposed due to force majeure. Schools, institutes, universities and other centers have been forced to react quickly to the situation, and the result has been the transfer of classes to the online world.

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If students can interact with the content, they will improve retention and interest by actively engaging in reading and listening. Believe us; it works like a charm, because there is no better way to learn than through visual and interactive elements.

Perhaps, after all the cons that the pandemic has imposed on us, it is time to bring out some pros. Tele-education has become the main survival measure in the education sector, a modality that has been supported by virtual technologies.

To put it into practice successfully we need resources and materials, such as personalized interactive video.

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