Are Football Clubs fans the future of football?

For over fifteen years now, the media has been cashing in on smuggles, TV corporations and. Later, millions of personal interests. and billions of English football (or soccer, if you will). Changing the game’s boundaries. , Beyond all identities. Top Premiership clubs report annual profits in the tens of millions of pounds. Players receive weekly weekly pay checks. That are higher than the average annual salary in the UK. with the top players getting four or five times. And the British Government also comes up with an estimated £ 4.3 billion. (yes, that’s right, £ 4.3 billion) in taxes from sports every year. So, do you think, with all this money flying around, everyone will be a winner. While vacant checkbooks are being raised. At premiership clubs by competitors in the United States. Thailand, Russia and even Iceland, only a part of that money goes to the lower leagues. While the top clubs have been strong, the clubs in the lower leagues. If anything, are worse than they were 15 years ago.

No season has passed without half a dozen smaller

 Clubs that have to be push back from the bankruptcy by a last-minute deal. This season is no exception with County City. And Lurton Town has already accepted a 10-point. Penalty that comes with going into administration. Borne Mountain has been rumor to be doing the same, as Leeds United. And Boston United recovered from a similar experience last season. There are so many clubs that are close to going out of business altogether. The sad ending to the centuries-old football tradition.
The simple fact is that commercial leagues in Lower League. football are no longer included in England. From rising prices, ridiculous player salaries, agent fees. and the growing number of contested television games. That serve to reduce door receipts. All these smaller clubs are forming tight after their ballot season. Not , some clubs are reporting weekly losses run into the thousands of pounds.

A floating picture repeated over and over at clubs and down the country.

 But, in the midst of all the financial sadness. There are a few stories of hope that 해외축구 중계사이트 fans are comfortable with everywhere. Indeed, it is the fans themselves who are often forgotten. But the essential ingredient for the success of any football club. Can be good to remember some Premiership clubs. At the most it is the fans and, in particular, the supportive groups. That are helping and setting up the survival of small clubs in professional football. More than 60 English football clubs are now assisting supporters in one way or another. Some teams, such as Exeter City, only exist today. Because they were avoid when supporter groups. Spent their hard-earned money in their clubs.

The idea of ​​supporter confidence is not new.

 In the early 1900s, clubs such as Leicester City invited local residents. to expand their ‘working person subscriptions’ to enable clubs to attract better players. But it has only been in the last 20 years that the concept has been a viable one. The process is consider resourceful. There has been a rise of supportive groups that, in 2006, the then UK Sports Minister. Richard Cabernet, urged the UEFA. To consider the benefits of ownership of football club fans. Not in the UK but across Europe. General Chat Lounge The idea at the top of the menu was that Sports. Trust could be use or could take full ownership of football clubs. Known as Mr. Cabernet, a fan-supportive good, the company. That has already created the creation of many existing trusts. Is likely to build more confidence in the years to come. Indeed, at fifteen clubs across the UK. supporters now occupy 100% of the shares. A the clubs are own and why in the last six months the concept develops even further. The rise of fan-based web sites like My Football Club. And are once again pushing the boundaries of fan ownership in football.
These initiatives not only allow fans to own the club, but also to operate it on a daily basis. Through online voting, fans are able to make broad decisions about the club. Including choosing a team for each match and hiring and dismissing managers.
My Football Club’s acquisition of Ebbs fleet United in the fall of 2007 was a fundamental step. Toward this new form of ownership for fans. And The Peoples is expect to achieve their own by the end of the 2007/08 season. Such models have already surfaced in other European countries. Including France, Denmark and Israel. While soccer’s traditionalists are skeptical of the schemes. skeptics of the ability of the fans to run the club , these schemes al
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