Amazing Places in Switzerland

Amazing Places In Switzerland 

Switzerland is a dream destination for everyone.

Especially, it is one among married couples and honeymooners. Switzerland consists of amazing places. Moreover, Switzerland’s toy train journey is the most iconic feature of the country. Hiking up to its snow-covered mountains or experiencing warmth amongst the greenery – there are many variations you ought to see about Switzerland. 

8 Amazing Places In Switzerland

  1. Chateau de Chillon
  2. Lake Geneva
  3. The Matterhorn
  4. St Moritz
  5. Rhine Falls
  6. Abbey of Saint Gall
  7. Kapellbrucke
  8. Zurich

Switzerland is also about fine Swiss chocolates, bank accounts with plenty of zeros and flashy watches. Yes, the country is definitely about luxurious things, but with luxury also comes great fun. There is not a “best time” to see most places in Switzerland. Every month is lovely to witness the Swiss beauty.

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  1. Chateau de Chillon

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

You will find Chateau de Chillon located on lake Geneva. The beautiful backdrop of the lake, forest and mountains will stun you.

Moreover, when the sun will set, you will witness absolute perfection.

  1. Lake Geneva

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Lake Geneva is the epitome of beauty during summer. It effortlessly falls under one of the amazing places in Switzerland. If you don’t have a chance to visit this place in summer, you can visit it in winter. It will be a lot easier for you to swim in summer; in winter, the water tends to be a lot chillier.

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Did you know Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Europe as well as one of the most beautiful lakes in the country? Surrounding the lake, you will find large mountains and gorgeous villages.

  1. The Matterhorn

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

You will find this mountain set on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It has a height of about 14,692 ft. Did you know it is one of the tallest points in the Alps? Are you planning to visit the Matterhorn in the summer? If yes, you get a perfect view of the Alps from your train. In winter, everything remains covered in snow, and you get to ski here.

Another most exciting thing is that you sometimes might have the chance to stay in an igloo too.

  1. St Moritz

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

One of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, St Moritz is a rich place with expensive things to do and feel. Even if you are paying a brief visit to this place, you should enjoy the fun and frolic things in this destination. The Alpine resort is another great place to enjoy in summer. The winter season is also not less compared to the summer season; during this time, you will find this place completely covered by snow.

  1. Rhine Falls

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Did you know Rhine Falls is the largest plain waterfall in Europe? Yes, the powerful and rapid falling and flowing of water will amaze you. If you think of capturing any pictures of these falls, make sure to be fast.

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The water will surely whip out your camera. 

  1. Abbey of Saint Gall

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Situated in St. Gallen, the Abbey of Saint Gall is a Unesco world heritage site and one of the most breathtaking places in Switzerland. Here, tourists from all over the world flock to see this place.

You will find the interior decorated with minute details here and there and is also a stunning example of Baroque style architecture.

  1. Kapellbrucke

Image Courtesy: Pexels

In Europe, Kapellbrucke is the oldest wooden covered footbridge. While visiting Switzerland, make sure to visit Lucerne to witness this mesmerising wonder. It is quite popular among tourists and a pretty impressive sight too. 

  1. Zurich

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

On your trip to Switzerland, you will get Zurich on your first stop. This place is perfect for making a thousand memories with your bae or family. It is situated by the bank of the Limmat river. The most iconic thing about this city is the perfectly lined up colourful houses along the riverfront of the Old Town. Zurich’s Old Town consists of innumerous cobbled streets to several art galleries and museums. The city is filled with stunning tourist attractions all around.

When you are visiting Zurich, you must go to lake Zurich, another pristine lake in Switzerland. Here, Uteilberg is a mountain where you can take in the beauty from every possible corner. Zurich will give you an old-world feel with its overlapping streets and spectacular tourist attractions. This city is one of the most amazing places to visit in Switzerland.

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Read this ‘Amazing places in Switzerland’ blog and choose among these 8 wonderful places to visit. There are many different places to go here, which will amaze you. You can book a Switzerland trip package from Pickyourtail, or you can even customise your Switzerland itinerary according to your choice.

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