All You Need to Know About UP Bhulekh

Bhulekh is a popular term for land records. Used widely in India, it is related to a unique land record software in Indian states like Orissa, Bihar, UP, Orissa, etc. The other Indian states, however, maintain their land record software in a different name. In this guide, we are going to discuss the idea of Bhulekh, its meaning, where the term is being used, and how to get the record in UP.

What is Bhulekh UP?

Bhulekh UP— derived from “Bhulekh” —is a portmanteau of the Hindi or Sanskrit words “bhu” and “alekh”. It translates to “Land Records”.

  • Bhu (in Hindi) means Land (in English)
  • Alekh (in Hindi) means Record (in English)

UP Land Records: Information You Can Find on Bhulekh UP

  1. UP Bhulekh Naksha
  2. Khasra-khatauni UP
  3. Names and numbers of landowners
  4. The shareholding pattern of a plot or parcel of land
  5. The size of a land parcel
  6. Encumbrances on land
  7. Transaction history, including third-party claims, past sales, debt, and so on.

Why is Bhulekh UP Important?

Bhulekh UP is an essential and user-friendly system that helps maintain land records. It is helpful for several reasons. It helps:

  • Resolve legal disputes and/or other legal matters
  • Buy/sell the land
  • Open a new bank account
  • Avail of a loan from a financial institution, including a bank 
  • Maintain a personal record of the property
  • Divide the land, i.e., subdivision of the plot
  • Keep track of the status of alteration, meaning the mutation status.

Major Highlights of UP Bhulekh

  • Portal name: UP Bhulekh Land Records, Khasra Khatauni
  • Launched by: The Government of UP
  • Beneficiary: Citizens of UP
  • Objective: To make land-related records of UP available online
  • Official website:
  • UP land map official website:
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Some Frequently Asked Questions on UP Bhulekh

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on UP Bhulekh and the answers.

  • What to do to know the code of the districts of Uttar Pradesh and the name of the districts?
    If users want to know the codes of districts in UP, they will need to click on the District Menu.
  • What should a user do to know the code of tehsils of Uttar Pradesh and the name of tehsils?

If users want to know the codes of tehsils in UP with the names, they will need to view the tehsil menu.

  • What to do to know the code and name of parganas in UP?

To know the names and codes of the parganas in UP, a user needs to click on the Pargana menu.

  1. How can one access the Khatauni copy of Consolidation/Survey Village?

A new Khatauni will be made from the old village or a new one after coming back from the consolidation process. Owing to a lack of digital signature, copying is not permitted. One has to wait for this or get in touch with the Tehsil.

  • Can the quotation number on the certified copy be verified?

Yes, a user can verify the copy by visiting

Users will have to click on Verify ROR by ROR Id. On entering the quote number, users can access the details of the copy issued. 

  • What to do to know the Khatauni of the village whose share has been determined?

If a user wants to know the Khatauni of a village whose share has been determined, they will need to click on the menu to view the copy of the Khatauni share determination. Then, choose the district, select a tehsil, select the village, and click on the first letter of the village on the Hindi keyboard given on the side. In doing so, users will be able to view the villages starting with the specific letter. The user then needs to select their village and search by Gata/Khasra Number. Once done, they need to click on the option ‘enter Gata Number’ and then View Quote.

  • What is Bhu Naksha UP? 
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The official Bhu Naksha UP portal provides cadastral maps of lands in UP.

The Final Word

To know more, you can get in touch. Our representatives will guide you.

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