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5 Easy Ways To Spend Less On Your Wedding

Marriage is a monumental part of many people’s life. It can also be considered one of the most important moments in a lifetime by many. In essence, a wedding serves as a symbol and celebration of the love and partnership of a couple. And for couples who spent years together, this can be something meaningful. After all, experiences of both happiness and hardships are what define your time with someone.

Because marriage is so important for many, catering services have become a sought-after thing for many for their most awaited celebration in life. In some cultures, holding a wedding ceremony can be the most expensive thing people spend their money on. Years of saving and investment are sometimes being prepared for this special day. This also includes extravagant venues, glamorous dresses, fancy food, and hundreds of guests.

Seeing dreamy wedding ceremonies and receptions from other people, it is inevitable to feel the pressure. At the end of the day, it is normal to only want the best for you and your loved ones on your most special day. However, if you go back to the essence of the wedding, something will become clear to you. What is being celebrated is what is important at weddings and not how it is being celebrated.

Keeping in mind that grandeur is not necessary for weddings will not only save you the stress but the money as well. Practically speaking, there is so much money can buy than the party needs. This is more important if you live paycheck to paycheck. Saving and investing your money in what is considered essential will be sustainable in the long run. It is important to understand that you can enjoy a memorable wedding without splurging. You only have to know how to strategically manage it.

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So, what are some wedding ideas that will help you save up on costs? Here are some of them:

Rely on Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are becoming more and more popular these days due to environmental reasons. Modern living has become a problem for the ecosystem. This has prompted many people to subscribe to sustainable living to minimize waste production. One of the best ways to do this is to buy from thrift shops. If you rely on thrift shops for your wedding wardrobe and/or decorations you can make a worthwhile memory while being environmentally friendly.

Some look at thrift shops as a dumpsite for other people’s trash. This is true in theory. However, it does mean that all you can get from it is trash too. Other people’s trash could be something useful to you. There are plenty of gems you can find that with good quality and usability. Choosing the right items for your wedding will elevate your celebration even more.

Go For Backyard Wedding

Wedding venues are some of the most costly parts of getting married. If you are on a tight budget, you might find yourself in a small venue in a not-so-ideal spot. One of the wisest (and logical) things to do to deal with this is to use your own backyard for your wedding ceremony or reception – or both. This will help you save a huge amount of money and spend elsewhere which could be more helpful in the long run.

Using your backyard for your wedding also adds a touch of personality and sentimentality. Being in your own space will help you and your guests feel more comfortable. This is important to make sure that everyone is enjoying and having a great time. If your backyard is a little too small for your guests, try to use a friend’s or a relative’s.

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DIY Decorations

When it comes to weddings, mood-setting is important. The place you will need has to be able to exude the feeling that you want for a special occasion. It has to be romantic, memorable and aligned to whatever theme you want to follow. Many soon-to-be-weds opt for a designer or a fancy catering service to decorate the ceremony and reception place. You can save on expenses if you try to the decorating yourself.

There are many helpful guides online that can guide you on how to put together a well-decorated space. As long as you have an eye for aesthetics and are creative, you can make anything happen even with limited resources. You can also get the help of your friends and family. This can also be a good way to bond and make your wedding more special for everyone.

Get Crafty with Tokens 

You might feel like you owe your guests something for taking their time to attend to your wedding day. It is a way for them to show how important you are in their lives. On top of that, you will only get married once (or a bit more) in your life. So, it is also a good gesture to celebrate them and their presence by giving them something nice and thoughtful.

While there is a wide array of options you can choose from when it comes to tokens, going with DIY is something that is special. You can get crafty and creative to make items to giveaway to your guests. A potted plant, a beaded accessory, a hand-written card, and a self-baked muffin are some of the things you can do yourself. It is the thought that always counts after all.

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Livestream Your Wedding

Some people like to take the location into consideration for their wedding day. Couples even fly out to another city or another country just to have the dream wedding they have been planning for. If this is the same for you, you can definitely do the same. However, a serious problem you might not run into aside from the budget is logistics. Flying out guests will take time and money to happen. This can add unnecessary stress to you on celebrating your wedding.

Livestreams have become popular in the past years for different markets. It helps people in different time zones and different places to connect instantaneously. You can also utilize this for your wedding. With live streams, you do not have to spend on plane tickets and hotel accommodations for your guests. You can celebrate your wedding with them wherever they are in the world.

Key Takeaway

A wedding can be an expensive event. Even if it is well-planned, it can take years and years of savings to be able to afford one that is glamorous enough to be memorable. However, glamour is not something that should be the focal point of weddings. Your wedding should be about you and your significant other. The time you spend together and with your loved ones on your special day is what will create a meaningful memory.

Celebrating an enjoyable wedding on a budget is possible. From relying on thrift shops to live streaming your ceremony, you can cut costs while keeping the essence of a wedding intact. By doing any of these tips, you can have the opportunity to manage your budget more mindfully. It also gives you the chance to allocate your funds to more long-term goals as a couple.

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