Wagering Requirements Explained

Have you ever received a casino bonus yet been unable to withdraw your winnings because of wagering requirements? They might be a mystery to you since you don’t understand how to calculate them – try Shadow Society slot.

Wagering requirements will be the focus of this informative tutorial. Even though you may not be able to beat them, we will provide you with some of our best wagering advice.

What Does It Mean To “Wager”?

You must first understand what a wager is before you can figure out what wagering requirements are: 

That’s the easy part:

A wager is just a bet. 

However, what does “wager” signify at online casinos? A wager is the amount of money you put up for each hand of cards, the spin of the reels, or a sporting event. 

Additionally, you can use this term to describe the total amount of money bet during a particular session or time frame.

What Are the Wagering Requirements?

Whether you’re signing up for a new online casino or taking advantage of a promotion at an existing one, you’ll be presented with various bonus offers. 

These include access to free spins, free bets, and cash rewards. 

That’s pretty cool. Wagering requirements are a term used to describe the conditions attached to these offers. 

To cash out the bonus or any wins generated, you must meet wagering requirements.

How Wagering Requirements Operate

What are wagering requirements, and how are they implemented? It varies depending on the type of bonus.

Before you may withdraw any bonus money or associated earnings from a cash bonus, you must wager through a predetermined multiplier. 

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For example, suppose you accept a cash bonus with a 30X wagering requirement. 

This implies that you must wager your bonus amount thirty times before you can cash out your bonus and any associated wins. The same goes for free spins, which are attached to wagering requirements. 

The multiplier only applies to the winnings you get from the free spins, as they don’t have a monetary value. 

Free bets also have wagering requirements, but they are usually low. Bonuses might vary widely amongst casinos, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions of each one before signing up.

Wagering Requirements Calculation

Calculating wagering requirements is a rather straightforward process. With a few simple plug-ins, you can establish a starting point: 

X (Bonus Amount) x (Wagering Requirement) = Total Bet. 

Let’s assume you put £50 as a deposit. 

The bonus is matched up to 50, and the wagering requirement is set at 30 times the bonus amount. 

(£50) X (30) Equals 1,500, according to the formula. 

In certain casinos, you might find a “sticky” bonus that cannot be withdrawn. The wagering requirements now incorporate your original deposit as well, and the following calculation is used: 

To get the total bet, multiply the bonus amount by the wagering requirement. 

The formula might look something like this if we used the first example: (£50) + (£50) X 30 = £3,000 

These figures seem to be high, but they are not impossible to achieve. 

You can use the bonus money won to place bets, and if you do so strategically, you should be able to meet the wagering requirements and still have some money left over.

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