The Easy Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error 103

QuickBooks Online facilitates the task of managing everyday business transactions for hundreds and thousands of companies. Developed by Intuit Incorporated, QuickBooks Online helps its users ensure their financial well-being. However, despite being an excellent cloud-based accounting application, QuickBooks Online is not immune to technical glitches and errors. This blog aims to talk about QuickBooks error 103, which users face while connecting their bank accounts to QuickBooks Online. Make sure to read this blog until the end to learn the factor that causes QuickBooks error code 103 and the troubleshooting solution you need to follow to resolve it.

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Why does QuickBooks error code 103 take place?

QuickBooks error code 103 is often caused when the users try to connect their bank accounts to QuickBooks Online using the incorrect user ID or password.

How can you troubleshoot QuickBooks error 103 with safety?

Step 1- Make sure your banking sign-in information is correct

1. Open any web browser on the computer.
2. Visit the website of your financial institution. Write down the web address (such as https://www.bank.com). This may help you later.
3. Sign in to the financial institution’s website using the user ID and password you know.
4. If you’re able to sign in to the financial institution’s website, then the user ID and password you have are correct. If you fail to do so, then do as per your bank’s instructions to know your user ID and reset your password.

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When you get the correct user ID and password for your bank account, move on to the second step.

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Step 2- Sign in to your bank account in QuickBooks Online

Procedure for an existing connection

1. In QuickBooks Online, proceed to the Banking tab.
2. Pick the credit card or bank account you want to update.
3. Click on the Edit button.
4. After that, pick the Edit sign-in info option.
5. If your web browser automatically fills the user ID and password boxes, clear them. This step makes sure your web browser doesn’t fill in old information by mistake.
6. Manually fill up the user ID and password for your bank account. If your bank displays a Show option, choose it so you can ensure you entered the correct password.
7. Click on the Update button.

Procedure for a new connection

1. In QuickBooks Online, select the Banking tab.
2. Pick the Connect account option if you’re attempting to connect a bank account for the first time. In case you have already connected online banking accounts earlier, click on the Link account option.
3. Enter your financial institution’s web address in the Search box.
4. Pick your bank from the search results.
5. Manually fill up the user ID and password boxes.
6. Click on the Continue button.


Hopefully, you will be able to resolve QuickBooks error 103 after following the troubleshooting procedure that we have explained above. If not, then our advice for you is to get yourself further troubleshooting assistance removing QuickBooks error code 103 by speaking with our QuickBooks professionals at +1-855-856-0042.

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