Starting your Company in USA is easier than Ever with registered agent

First, you do not have to submit any paperwork — just the information — when incorporating your business in the United States. To register your company in the US, you will need to get a business address.

Citizens and non-residents of USA can register companies in the US of America at Law & Trust International. This structure of laws is preferred by many foreign companies while doing business registration in United States of America. For USA Company Registration as a foreigner, you first need to select a business entity’s legal structure and a state in which it will incorporate and operate within the country.

How to Open a Branch in US?

If you wish to open a subsidiary in US, legal entities that report all operations to a parent company, you should follow the requirements set by the corporate department of the agency responsible for this type of incorporation in US.

Your registered agent should either be a resident of the state you are doing business in, or be a company authorized to conduct business in that state.

Get an EIN

Determine your primary business by defining the major income-generating activity (e.g., consultant, engineer, doctor) and your primary physical location. Even if you offer services outside of the United States, you may still be eligible for this program. As long as the majority of your company activities take place in the United States, you are eligible to apply for a federal tax identification number (EIN).

Hiring a Registered Agent

A registered agent is an individual or company who must have a physical address within the state where you are incorporated, be available during working hours, and accept and sign official legal documents and state documents for a Corporation or LLC. All companies in Delaware are required to be registered at the Division of Corporations at the Delaware Department of State, and remember, you need to hire a registered agent who has a physical address in Delaware for your company in Delaware. For example, if you are going to incorporate your corporation in Delaware, but do business in California, you must register your new Delaware company with the secretary of state, by filing appropriate paperwork and paying California’s proper filing fees.

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Requirements to Form a Corporation or LLC in the United States

Once you decide on the type of corporation you want to form and which state you are going to incorporate, there are just some basic requirements that we will need in order to form the corporation for you. To form a corporation in the United States, we will file documents called the articles of incorporation or certificates of incorporation. USAIndiaCFO provides complete services for the formation of your corporation, including everything from the preparation and filing of your articles of incorporation in a State of your choosing, providing Registered Agents in any of the 50 States and the District of Columbia, obtain an EIN number for Non-U.S. Owners, the preparation of an operating agreement, getting any required permits and Tax IDs, the certification of your corporate documents for use overseas, and much more.

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