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Sciatica Pain Relief – 5 Home Remedies that Actually Work

Sciatica pain is something really worse to experience. In simple words, sciatica is basically the pain that travels along your sciatic nerve. The pain starts from your lower back and travels down your leg. The pain usually affects one side of your body. Sometimes, the pain is severe to an extent that it can even make it difficult for you to stand. 

Sciatica pain can be one of the most troubling experiences. My mother has sciatica pain and I often saw her struggling with the pain. After several years of dealing with this painful experience, she ultimately decided to get rid of the problem and opted for a surgical procedure. She went to the best neurosurgeon in Islamabad who treated her for the problem.

However, surgery is possibly the last solution for sciatica pain. For most people, sciatica pain relief can come from the use of home remedies. If you are someone who suffers from the problem, then this article might be the perfect read for you. 

What are Some Sciatica Pain Relief Remedies?

When it comes to sciatica pain relief, from ayurveda treatments to medicinal ones, many things work pretty well. However, home remedies remain super favorite. Here are some of the easiest sciatica pain relief home remedies that can make the pain bearable for you.

1- Apply ice or heat

Whenever it comes to sciatica pain relief, one of the easiest solutions we come across is the application of heat and cold. Heat and cold have their own mechanisms to make sciatica pain bearable. 

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In the case of heat, it helps to improve the blood flow to the affected area providing you immediate relief. Other than this cold application also works by creating a feeling of numbers. Alternative and frequent application of cold and heat is quite helpful in treating the problem of sciatica pain.

2- Try massaging

Oil massages can do wonders no matter if it’s about muscular pain or suffering from a scalp health-related problem. This exactly goes for sciatica pain relief. If you consistently experience episodes of sciatica pain, then you should try massaging the painful area using any oil. You can take any oil and massage it applying lighter pressure to get immediate relief from the pain. A gentle massage a day can be your sure shot to help you deal with the pain. 

3- Exercise and stretching

Beginning your day with some gentle stretches is next on the list of sciatica pain relief. These stretches are generally mild and work by increasing strength and flexibility. Doing this regularly releases pressure from your sciatica nerve resulting in providing relief from sciatica pain. However, whenever you are going to try these stretches on your own make sure to consult your doctor. Because not doing it right can even cause more harm than good so talk to your doctor if you don’t want to suffer from the injury. 

4- Maintain a good posture

Your body posture is important whenever we talk about sciatica pain relief. Sometimes bad body posture can make your existing situation worse and more painful. Try not to sit in the position that results in the further twisting of your sciatic nerve. Further, a good body posture keeps your spine healthy for all the reasons. So, a good posture can surely make you get immediate relief from sciatica pain. 

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5- Turmeric for pain relief

Next in the list of sciatica pain relief home remedies come the use of turmeric. Yes, I am talking about the yellow coloured spice that you find on the pantry shelves. Turmeric is amazing when it comes to pain relief and the secret lies in the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of turmeric. 

You can simply drink turmeric milk daily for pain relief. Other than this, you can take turmeric powder and convert it into a thick paste by mixing it with any oil. The application of this paste on painful areas can help you to get relief from sciatica pain. 

Bottom Line!

Sciatica pain could be one of the troubling experiences people go through. The situation could be very uncomfortable and can affect daily life activities if not treated properly. 

When it comes to sciatica pain relief, there are many home remedies that can work pretty well. In extreme cases, surgeries come as the last option for the treatment of sciatica pain. However, if nothing seems to work for you it is better to consult your physician regarding this and get your problem resolved.

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