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Minimally invasive operation to treat fractures in the spine

Balloon kyphoplasty is a minimally aggressive treatment for vertical compression fractures. The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae, which are connected together. A VCF happens when the front of a vertebra fractures and collapses, often causing pain and enhancing the risk of further fractures. Over the age, some people also reduce height or their spine can become curved.

During the Surgery

It usually takes about an hour to treat each fracture and Balloon Kyphoplasty North Palm Beach FL can be carried out under local or general anaesthetic. During the surgery, physician inserts two small balloons into the affected bone and inflates them to return the vertebra to as close to its normal height as achievable. After deflating and withdrawing them, he or she will put in a special cement to stabilize the fracture.


Many spinal vertical compression trauma are caused by osteoporosis, a disease which makes the bones to become more brittle and liable to break more easily. Fractures can also happen as a result of some types of cancer. Many people retrieve from VCFs through an aggregation of rest, pain-killing therapy and spinal assistance, but this is not every-time the instance.

Stabilize the Fracture

Balloon Kyphoplasty North Palm Beach FL uses an orthopaedic balloon to return the vertebra to as close to its mean height as possible, and intents to stabilize the fracture, reconstruct alignment within the spine and reduce pain. Balloon kyphoplasty usually regards a one night stay in hospital. It sometimes performed using general anaesthetic which means you will asleep throughout the process and will feel no pain. It also sometimes performed using local anaesthetic which means you will awake but the area will be wholly numb.

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Balloon kyphoplasty a minimally invasive treatment for spinal compression fractures (also called vertebral compression fractures of VCFs). Kyphoplasty is similar to vertebroplasty; the main difference is that kyphoplasty uses a small balloon that gently lifts bone fragments into their correct position.

To help you best interpret the procedure, below a step-by-step look at how kyphoplasty  executed.

  1. Forming up a space for the balloon: The physician will make a pathway into the fractured vertebra using a hollow instrument. A tiny balloon then guided through the instrument into the bone.
  1. Inflating the balloon: The balloon gradually inflated to gently raise the collapsed bone into its normal position.
  1. Getting away the balloon: When the bone is in the right position, the surgeon deflates and separates the balloon.
  1. Filling up the vertebral void: To forbid the bone from collapsing again, the void pervaded with orthopaedic cement.
  1. creating the internal cast: Once set up, the cement takes the shape of a cast inside the vertebral body that stabilizes the bone. To fully shield the bone, the operation sometimes performed on both sides of the vertebral body.


Balloon kyphoplasty FL usually about a half hour per level. And most patients discharged from the hospital within 24 hours of their surgery. If you think kyphoplasty may a treatment alternative for your spinal compression fractures. Or if you fascinated in learning more about this surgery— call us now.


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