Image Comics’ Junkyard Joe is the Newest Addition to the Geiger Comic Lineup

The new comic book series Junkyard Joe from the team behind Geiger is set to debut this year. An all-new series follows a mysterious robot soldier who believes a cartoonist created him. The new story extending Mad Ghost’s history of heroes known as The Unnamed will launch this October by Image Comics. In support of veterans, black and white editions will also be available.

Special Black-And-White Cover Junkyard Joe Comics

The special Black-And-White Edition Junkyard Joe comics will have all proceeds donated to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Veteran’s aid. This is in honor of Geoff Johns‘ grandfather and Gary Frank’s grandparents, who served in WWII. These five special edition covers will help many veterans struggling with homelessness and provide them with the needed assistance. Mad Ghost Productions, John’s own company, will make a separate donation for every issue purchased.

Many reasons call for action to address veterans’ homelessness in the U.S. and UK. Veterans have given their country their all, and they deserve our support. Homeless veterans are at a higher risk of mental health issues and substance abuse, which can lead to other problems. By providing veterans with housing and additional support, we can help them lead healthier, happier life.

The National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

As the world’s leading resource and technical assistance center for veterans experiencing homelessness and poverty, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. By shaping public policy, encouraging partnerships, and building service provider capacity, it strives to end homelessness among veterans. Over 4,000 service providers who assist homeless veterans are trained and assisted by NCHV.

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Veterans Aid

Veterans Aid is a UK charity that supports veterans of the British Armed Forces and their families. The charity offers various services, including financial assistance, housing, and psychological support. Veteran’s Aid also works to raise awareness of the issues faced by veterans and their families and lobby for improved government support.

The Unnamed Comicverse

The Unnamed comic universe from Mad Ghost Productions is a shared universe that includes the popular Geiger comic series and the upcoming Junkyard Joe comic series. The characters in the universe come from different points in time, from the Revolutionary War to the not-so-distant post-nuclear future. The shared universe allows stories and characters to cross into different periods and genres.

Junkyard Joe Comic Release Date

The release date for Junkyard Joe #1 is October 5th, 2022. The unique edition covers will be available the same day.

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