Hurricane Damage Claims: the fundamental principles

The state of Florida is known as the Sunshine State. But it’s also known as for its violent tropical storms and hurricanes. As a homeowner, it makes very less difference to you whether your home harmed by a storm or by a hurricane. You will wish to know how much you can salvage. And how much repairs will cost, irrespective of the technicalities. For a hurricane adjuster, there is a divergence, and a huge one. Hurricanes and storms fall under assorted types of coverage. And if you do not put up the right type of claim, you most surely will get denied. In this blog, we will explain how these two possibly catastrophic events are contrasting and the type of insurance coverage you must have in order to file a successful claim.

According to research, Florida Statutes 627.4025, a windstorm characterized as:

  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes
  • Cyclones

In general, hurricane insurance will provide coverage for any damage by wind, wind-driven rain, and water that comes via holes, doors, windows, or the rooftops. What normally isn’t covered is flood damage, which happens when the water rises from the bottom-up. You are, nevertheless, able to acquire separate flood insurance for this type of damage.

Insurance Applications

When it comes to getting a head-start on filing the insurance applications, you might already overwhelmed with where to begin from. You’ll have to worry about damage to your place, your prized possessions, where you work and maybe even where to reside. You require the benefits of the Policy more than ever. So, how do you maximize what you can acquire in from the insurer?

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Hire an Expert

The best rule of thumb is to hire an expert public adjuster for hurricane damage claims Ft Lauderdale. Because they’re working on behalf of you and not the insurance agency, they’ll have all the resources and expertise to document damages with detail in forging the most encompassing claim package. They’ll also go to bat for you when it comes to discussing the largest possible agreement with the least amount of fuss.

Public Adjuster

With time, many homeowners have hired adjusters for hurricane damage claims Ft Lauderdale after their initial claim was denied. Upon closer examination, the public adjusters found out that the wrong kind of claim filed. In hurricane prone areas, homeowners require to purchase separate coverage for hurricane damages. Furthermore, insurance institution will stop selling this additional type of coverage once there’s a hurricane watch. This means 48 hours before the anticipated onset of the weather event.


On this ground, hurricane damage adjusters urge all Floridians to check the type of insurance coverage they hold before the happening of hurricane season. If you do not have insurance coverage, you should buy it before your insurer cuts it off. Even if you have competent coverage, we notify you to contact us as soon as you need to file a claim. We can help you set up it correctly. And we will go through on your behalf. This will trim down your wait time and maximize your recovery.

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