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How to grow your Instagram profile without buying followers?

So according to Instagram what should you do to grow your profile without buying followers and without using bots and other tricks from “Instagram consultants “?

Optimize your Instagram profile:

Everything must be optimized and thought out according to your Instagram strategy. Think about why you are on Instagram and the goal you want to achieve and make decisions accordingly.

Publish regularly:

Consistency is very important. Try to publish at least 1 post a day, if you can more, the important thing is to give your followers what they expect. If you decide to publish 2 posts a day, it means that there must be 2 new posts on your Instagram profile every day. If you think you can’t keep up with this pace, it is better to publish only one post a day, the important thing is to be consistent.

Post interesting content:

The videos and images you post must be of value, therefore of high quality. They have to give something to the user. Take beautiful photos, use filters, and make your photos unique!

Find inspiration by analyzing popular content:

If you are short of ideas, try to check the content that has obtained the most engagement, both on your profile and on the profiles of your competitors, and find inspiration for your future posts. To do this work gets help from Instagram tools.

Use hashtags correctly:

Instagram hashtags are one of the most important things to think about. There is room for 30 hashtags, but all 30 on them and consider which ones to use. Read this lesson, it will be very useful to your Hashtags on Instagram.

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Interact with your Instagram followers:

Don’t leave your followers abandoned. Do they comment on your post? Answer him. Do they start following you? Send him a personalized message. Comment in your turn on the posts of your followers on Instagram, comment on their photos, try to create interaction!

Go live:

Videos are the contents that Instagram users like the most on average and if the video is live it’s even better! For this, he uses stories and Instagram TV (IGTV).

Think Storytelling:

Think about your Instagram strategy and tell your story. Identify your style and make it recognizable, be unique!

How to buy Instagram followers?

So let’s get to the key point, the real reason why you are reading this lesson. How to buy Instagram followers? Buying Instagram followers is super easy. There are countless sites where, once you arrive, just choose the number of new followers you want to receive, enter the profile name, pay and that’s it. Usually in a few minutes or hours, depending on the number of followers you have requested, you can see the results on your profile.

Why did the managers of these profiles decide to buy followers?

The main reason is that having a high number of followers improves visibility and your image. Using the techniques “approved by Instagram” we talked about above is a process of increasing followers is very long and certainly not easy. For this reason, buying Instagram followers from the best sites is an excellent solution if you want to increase the fan base quickly and make the Instagram profile active immediately.


If you go to a restaurant and find it empty what do you think? Are you tempted to enter? Or turn your back and look for another one? On Instagram, it’s the same thing. If you go to a profile with many followers you will certainly be much more likely to follow it!

Here’s why not buy Instagram followers:

It is not ethical. As we said above, buying followers is a practice not accepted by Instagram. You are coming to a result by cheating and not respecting the rules of the game!

It is very difficult to get to your goal… unless your goal is just the growth of followers just to brag about it to friends. Surely by buying Instagram followers, then letting yourself be followed by profiles, not in target with the services/products you offer, you will very hardly be able to sell and earn from your profile.

The quality of your Instagram account gets worse. Surely you will end up with hundreds or thousands of users; it depends on how many Instagram followers you have purchased, outside your target. These are profiles that are very unlikely to have interactions with your content and therefore will not increase the reach of your posts.

The numbers will be busted! You may find yourself in a situation where you have an Instagram profile with 30,000 followers that reap the misery of 100 likes per post. This is a clear sign of buying Instagram followers that is perceived by companies in a negative way and that will not allow you to start collaborations.

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In terms of security from the point of view of scams, I can reassure you and tell you that the platforms to buy Instagram followers that I will recommend are 100% reliable. They always give you what you pay for and offer state-of-the-art customer care service.

As for the safety of not being penalized by Instagram through blocks or even closure of the account, it is instead a topic that needs to be explored. The risk is there and if you continue reading this lesson you will understand how to buy followers without incurring penalties.


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