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How To Choose Kitchen Furniture Handles?

Characteristics that kitchen furniture handles must have

Kitchen cupboard handles- Shooter’s Decoranddecor For home decoration to look harmonious. The ideal is to pay attention to all the details. Even if they are the smallest. In addition to the great utility they provide. kitchen furniture handles can even be an important. Element of decoration when chosen properly.

This accessory seems not very useful. But how do the doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinets work . Without a handle to open the compartments. Therefore, the choice of these elements can condition the comfort and practicality that is need in the kitchen.

To avoid buying handles that we later have to change. We must look at certain characteristics with which. We will be able to differentiate between the best of these elements:

1. Type of material

Logically, the material of the handle must be consistent with the design style of the kitchen. For example, for those cold surfaces with materials such as steel and aluminum, handles with avant-garde shapes are recommend. But if we have rustic furniture, brass combines perfectly.

2. Dimension

The proportion between the size of the furniture and the handle is one of the main characteristics that must be take into account. This is due to the fact that aesthetically. A tiny handle will not look good in a large cabinet or on the contrary. Agiant handle in a small piece of furniture.

3. Quality

Because the handles are use daily, we must choose them in the highest quality, since otherwise it is very likely that in a short time we will need to make a change. In addition, a poor quality knob can damage the furniture or give it a deteriorated appearance.

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4. Functionality

If the design is simply wonderful, but it makes cleaning difficult or the material gets dirty very quickly, then it means that the handle does not offer adequate functionality, especially when we know that our time is quite limit when we are in the kitchen.

Types of kitchen cupboard handles

Kitchen cupboard handles – aluminum there is a wide range of handle models on the market, however these can be group into three groups:

Gola handles: better known as hidden handles. This is a handle that adapts perfectly to minimalist trends. Because they are invisible. Which gives the piece of furniture the prominence it deserves.

Handle: they are the handles that are most sought after because they provide sophistication. They can also be find in various styles such as classic, vintage, Nordic and industrial. They are also design in a wide range of materials such as aluminum or cast iron. They are also sold in finishes such as gold, anthracite and copper.

Of knobs: these have resurfaced with the renewal of classic materials such as porcelain and cast iron. These are ideal for kitchens with a Nordic and obviously classic style.

If you still do not know what type of handle to choose for your kitchen furniture. Do not hesitate to contact Decor and Decor. Our advisors are here to help you.

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