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Everything about the well-known social media influencer Samie Amos is covered in this article. You will learn more about Sami Amos’s life story, net worth, boyfriend, career, and education.

Due to her association with Jayson Tatum, Samie Amos is a very well-liked online celebrity (a basketball player). Samie has a huge fan base globally as a collegiate volleyball player. Here, we’ll talk about her entire life story.

As a volleyball player, Samie Amos has established a reputation for herself. The 2016 National Women’s Open Volleyball Championship was one of her many victories. She was also selected as the 2016 Rookie of the Year by the New York Athletic Club. Samie has also been selected for the American team to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics and the World University Games.

Samie Amos, who is she?

Volleyball player Samie Amos is from St. Louis, Missouri, and plays at the college level. Since the beginning of her athletic career, she had been a focused and competent player. As the girlfriend of NBA player Jayson, she enjoys enormous popularity.

I think Jason’s girlfriend is a genuinely nice woman, and vice versa. She is a high school volleyball player, although she plays differently than most of the other players. Most players use blocks and spikes to try to get rebounds. The ball is being retrieved by Jayson’s girlfriend using her hands.

Excellent volleyball player, Samie Amos. She has represented numerous colleges on the field, and she is consistently one of the top athletes. She has been dubbed the hardest batter they have ever seen by several of her teammates. Because she is Jayson’s girlfriend, she enjoys popularity. He currently plays for the Jazz and has previously represented the Lakers.

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Information about Samie Amos

What is Samie Amos’ full name?

Samantha Amos is Samie Amos’ full name. She follows Christianity as her religion. Additionally, this American college volleyball star has a sizable fan base on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Samie Amos is a great illustration of how humility can be a virtue. She enjoys playing volleyball in the USA and is an athlete. In her native Kansas, Samie Amos enjoys enormous popularity. She is a graduate of the health sciences. In her free time, she plays volleyball as well.

At the age of 18, Samie Amos rose to fame as a volleyball player. She was a professional athlete who belonged to the Wichita Shockers. She participates in KU Volleyball, a volleyball team. She played for the team that captured the 2015 NAIA Women’s Volleyball National Championship.

Information about Samie Amos and her entire family

Samie Amos previously became popular for her relationship with Jayson Tatum and related scandals. Because she was dumped by Jayson in 2017, she and her boyfriend broke up. Nevertheless, Jayson Tatum had a second miscarriage while dating Samie Amos.

The connection between Samie Amos and basketball player Jayson Tatum has received the most attention. He had an affair with his ex-girlfriend Samie Amos, which was made public in a controversy that went worldwide.

At first, Samie didn’t think she was truly pregnant, but after giving birth, she claimed that she had known she was expecting before the separation. Later, she broke up with Tatum, and he lied to her and concealed the breakup. He even went so far as to convince her to keep the child.

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What is the age and birthdate of Samie Amos?

Samantha Amos, sometimes known as Samie Amos, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, roughly 24 years ago. Her birthdate is officially listed as May 4, 1998. Thus, this young woman is indeed about 24 years old at this point.

In the same town, they both reside. This girl considers herself a native of Missouri because she was born and reared here. Samantha dislikes having other men around when she is in a relationship since they will only annoy her. She is aware, though, that she must make concessions to her partner.

In 2023, what is Samie Amos up to?

In an interview, Samie Amos expressed her desire to represent the United States as a volleyball player. She pursues her ambition of becoming a knowledgeable athlete with zeal. Samie is therefore resolved to gain fame for herself once more.

by Samie Amos in 2022

Samie stated in an interview that she aspires to play volleyball professionally and become a well-known figure in her home nation. She is aware that in order to succeed, she will need to work tirelessly and with great discipline. Samie aspires to achieve national fame.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to succeed in this world. Samie is aware that in order to succeed, she must make the required sacrifices. To make sure you earn the top scores, you must put in a lot of effort in your studies. You must adhere to and observe the rules in order to succeed.


Since a few years ago, Samie Amos has been the topic of conversation on social media. We have covered Samie Amos’s family, job, relationship, net worth, and other topics in this article. We trust that you now have a clear understanding of this American volleyball player and legal counsel.

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Many Americans are unaware of Samie Amos’s existence. She serves as the chief executive officer of The Legal Project, a nonprofit that assists low-income persons with legal problems. This group’s mission is to develop a system that will enable low-income individuals to handle their own legal issues. Our post, “Samie Amos Biography, Net Worth, Boy Friend, Career, Education,” was written with your benefit in mind.

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