GIAC Incident Handler (GCIH) Exam Syllabus

As the information technology landscape is expanding, so is the horizon of cyber crimes and thefts. People are facing more cyberattacks such as malware, spyware, troubleshoots, and most importantly incident response. Therefore, the demand for professionals who can manage, control and resolve computer security incidents is increasing day by day.

Want a challenging yet fulfilling job role in the Penetration Testing Domain? Go for the GIAC Incident Handler position which is among the hottest and most demanding skills in the landscape. Read the full article to know more about GCIH certifications.

What Is the GCIH Exam?

The GIAC Incident Handler Or GCIH exam provides validation of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to determine, respond, and resolve the computer security incidents issues. The certification ensures that the candidate possesses the ability to identify advanced threats, gain major insights about the attacker’s action in the system and how to defend during a security incident.


The certification course provides necessary information and practice skills to enhance Incident response tooling skills in candidates. To know more about the GCIH exam, learn more here.

All You Need To Know About GCIH Syllabus And Exam Pattern

The GCIH course covers various aspects including Incident Handling and Computer Crime Investigation, Computer and Network Hacker Exploits, and numerous hacker tools. The exam enhances a candidate’s approach in Drive-By Attacks, Endpoints Attacks and Pivoting, Evasive Technique, Incident Response and Cyber Investigations, Memory and Malware Investigations, Metasploit, Netcat, Network Investigations, Network Environment Attacks, Password Attacks, Post- Exploitation Attacks, Reconnaissance and Open-Source Intelligence, Scanning and Mapping, SMB Scanning, and Web App Attacks.

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The exam has approx 106 questions with an allotted time of Four hours. To earn the certification, a candidate should score a minimum of 70% in the proctored exam. Candidates who want to build a career as Incident Handlers, System Administrators, Security Practitioners, Security Architects, or any other security responders can enrol for this certification.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An GIAC Incident Handler Certification?

There are numerous benefits of having a GIAC Incident Handler Certification. Few are given below:

  • The certification provides validation of the necessary skills and knowledge possessed by the candidate in determining and responding to cyber attackers.
  • The certification makes a candidate stand out from the competition.
  • The certification helps to strengthen a candidate’s approach to computer security incidents.
  • The certification also helps a candidate bag a handsome amount of salary.
  • The certification is obtained by individuals who want to reach their potential career goals in the computer security sector.
  • Tips To Prepare For GIAC Incident Handler Exam

To help you prepare for the GIAC Incident Handler Exam, we have compiled a list of our top study tips which are listed below:

  • Know your syllabus. This might sound weird but this is one of the most fundamental things to do before signing up for the certification exam
  • Make a proper study schedule and stick to it.

Once you complete the course and training, fix an exam date. Try to take the exam in a couple of weeks as waiting for too long can cause exam stress and anxiety which can make you forget answers.

  • Collect all study materials, previous year’s questions, practise test papers and notes from the internet. Talking of which, click on the go SPOTO gcih exam to get your hands on exam dumps.
  • Take as many self-assessment tests as you can. Revise everything regularly to sustain your memory.
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