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Forex trading on a proprietary platform enables you to trade with account-size money and risk management that would be impossible on your own. After passing a series of tests demonstrating your trading prowess, you will be permitted into the sponsored market. In addition, a prop trading account includes the firm’s expertise, business relationships, and pools of trustworthy partner brokers.

There has been see a significant rise in the number of FTMO traders. FTMO is a legitimate, award-winning prop trading business that offers, among other things, a flexible and appealing swing account with reduced leverage. Other proprietary fundraising platforms, such as an intuitive user experience, provide comparable features. The most excellent alternative to an FTMO is trader-centric, with general trading conditions and escalating financing.

Profit Margins in FTMO Trading

As the remote trading contractor for the prop business, you have ample leverage to generate profits. A certain percentage ratio, known as a profit split, regulates the amount of money you take home. Since the inception of the online prop market, FTMO’s split has been 70%; however, they currently provide 80% default and 90% for swing traders.

This implies that the company retains 20% of earnings, although there are restrictions on maintaining stocks and trading during news releases. Before starting the FTMO challenge, you must pay an enrollment fee, which deters several traders. Due to its scale, the prop fund encounters platform freezing and customer service concerns.

Who can join FTMO?

FTMO welcomes traders from all over the globe. No special qualifications are necessary. Customers must be at least 18 years of age. They care only if you know how to trade profitably and with sound risk management.

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Please be advised that FTMO does not provide services to persons in/from Iran, Syria, and North Korea, persons on sanction lists, persons with criminal records relating to financial crime or terrorism, and persons previously barred for contract breach.

How to Choose the Best FTMO Trading Program?

The finest alternative to FTMO provides the missing features of the online prop-funded Forex trading platform. These incentives should ideally include clear rules and a reasonable return for successful traders, as well as user-friendly platforms and adequate leverage. Consequently, you will seek out established businesses without an eminent reputation or commercial contacts.

However, age or being environmentally conscious is not associated with service or support quality, so you should also spend some time with newer prop firms before making a decision. When searching for the finest FTMO replacement, it is crucial to consider the following characteristics:

  • Challenge rules and difficulty
  • Payout scheme
  • Swing leverage
  • Rest and refund standing
  • Platform usability
  • Customer service

After addressing these essential aspects of funded accounts, compare nuances such as the type and amount of fees levied. You will need to know what hours you can trade on their platforms and if they provide account growth programs.

How much time is required to become an FTMO Trader?

To pass the FTMO Challenge, you must trade for at least ten trading days (they do not need to be consecutive). To pass the Verification, you must also have traded for at least ten trading days (they need not be consecutive).

You are not required to wait until the conclusion of the Evaluation Process. You can begin managing your FTMO Account in as few as 20 trading days.

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What is FTMO Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading refers to a financial institution or commercial bank that invests for direct market benefit instead of trading on behalf of clients to generate commission fees. This form of trading activity is also known as “prop trading”. It occurs when a financial business chooses to profit from market activity instead of thin-margin commissions acquired from client trading activity. The trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or other instruments may constitute proprietary trading.

Financial institutions and commercial banks who engage in proprietary trading think they have a competitive advantage that enables them to generate a higher yearly return than index investing, bond yield appreciation, and other investment strategies.

TradersUnion has written a detailed article on proprietary trading. You can check it out by clicking “What is a Prop.”


Proprietary Forex trading allows you to trade with significant account capital and risk control. After completing a series of challenges, you’ll be accepted into the financed market. A prop trading account includes the firm’s experience, contacts, and partner brokers.

FTMO is a legitimate prop trading service that offers a flexible swing account with reduced leverage. Alternative proprietary financing platforms have a similar user interface and bundle. The best FTMO alternative has no trading limits and increased funding.

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