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Choose Sliding Windows That Are Right for Your Home

Some homes come with a great view, for others, the home is the view. No matter which type of home you have, sliding windows will make a great addition. They provide a clear view and make a classy addition to any property. 

Sliding Windows – How They Work:

Sliding windows gained popularity for their easy operability and simple design. A sliding window is made up of sashes you can slide along a horizontal track to close or open it. You need to grab the handle and slide the glass pane to the right or left. Depending on which model you choose, either one pane or both can slide to open or close. 

How to Choose the Right Sliding Windows for Your Home:

The key to getting the desired aesthetic in your home is to understand the one window design that will best suit your interiors. Not just based on the look, but also its utility. This includes the extra space required for opening or closing the window, the frame space, view etc.

Take a look at some of the types of sliding windows you can choose from based on the materials used to make them.

Aluminium Sliding Windows:

One of the most common, reliable and highly demanded materials used for sliding windows today is aluminium. This metal is recyclable, light, low maintenance and supports vast expanses of glass. Aluminium sliding window frames are known for their stability. You can thin the frame to increase the glass pane area within the window frame. If you want more natural light and a minimalistic, clean aesthetic, aluminium sliding windows are your best option.

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Wooden Sliding Windows:

Wooden window frames provide an indoor aesthetic that is hard to beat. It is often more expensive than the other materials, but many people still choose it as it significantly enhances the decor of any property or room. Wooden frames and windows provide an artistic expression because, while their roots lie in traditional and old-school designs, their versatility makes them perfect for contemporary interior designs too.

Before you choose a wooden sliding window, ask your fenestration partners about the measures taken for weather stripping that will increase the material’s lifespan. You also have the option of choosing either hardwood or softwood frames. Hardwood is naturally more expensive and gives your windows a natural finish. Softwood windows cost less but require an additional layer of paint or wood finish for protection.

Vinyl Sliding Windows:

uPVC is another material quickly gaining popularity as a window frame material. Vinyl window frames provide better insulation, noise reduction and thermal comfort when combined with appropriate glazing. uPVC gets its tenacity from the manufacturing process that combines the vinyl polymers with chlorine atoms. A vinyl frame is not exactly plastic but falls in a separate category altogether. You can get these with several finish and colour options that stay for years. However, this means you need to get a new finish once the lifespan ends or it might diminish the quality of your interiors. 

Hybrid Sliding Windows:

You can choose to have a sliding window frame made of a combination of materials. One option is using aluminium or wood on the inside and uPVC on the outside of your window frame to get the best combination of durability and aesthetics. This method will keep the wooden part protected against rain or natural disintegration and cut down on maintenance costs. 

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When you know the choices and options before you, it becomes easier to make an informed decision. With more people today demanding aluminium sliding windows, they are easier to find than hybrid or wooden windows. However, always consult an expert before making a decision.

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