Best Smart Home Equipment of 2022

The internet is arguably the best thing that has happened to mankind in technological aspects. Its significance is compared to the invention of the wheel in ancient times. What the wheel did to the modes of transportation back in that time in terms of revolutionizing the entire transportation infrastructure, the same is the case with the internet. In other words, what the wheel did for transportation, the internet did to data transmissions.

The internet has made data transmission so fast and efficient that distances don’t matter. The world has become a global village due to such efficient data communication techniques. There was a time when voice calling was a technological marvel in communication mediums.

However, that time is long gone. Now people talk to each other through video calling, and not only that but virtual reality mediums of communication have also started to become a norm that has further blurred the lines of distances and physical presence.

But all these mediums require huge amounts of data. Thus the application of these things has only been possible due to fast internet connection. Plus, this isn’t limited only to mediums of communication but rather to every other device in the current technological landscape that is connected to the internet due to high data sharing needs.

A common example of these gadgets can be found in your household equipment. Everyday devices like smartphones, smart TVs, smart vacuum cleaners like Roomba, and smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants all of them use the internet in some capacity.

This is the actual manifestation of the concept of the Internet of Things, according to which, the internet has transcended from being an intangible service to something physical, and this physical form of the internet has been achieved through these “smart” devices.

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If you’re interested to start your smart home journey but don’t know where to begin, we’d recommend you to go for Cox homelife. It’s the complete home security and home automation solution by Cox Communication, a brand that is already the third largest cable company in the country, so it is a brand you can trust.

The World of Automation

It has been proven over time that those who don’t evolve with changing traditions are made obsolete. This is also a fact that the landscape of the current technological world is evolving with each passing second.

And those who are keeping up with this change in trend are the ones who have been the most successful. Today’s world is on its way to adopting a virtual and automated way of life, and it is the right step into the future.

We have seen it through the likes of big companies including Apple, Google, and Meta for example. How these companies are pushing for a virtual reality world and are creating solutions for our current existing world as well. Even if you’re a bit skeptical about the virtual world thing, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the automated way of life that the world is moving towards.

Best Smart Home Equipment

Just like everything else, the trend of automation should begin from your home, and in order to do that, we have compiled a list of the best smart home equipment in 2022 just to give our users an idea of what kind of gadgets to own. Let’s begin with the list below:

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Amazon Echo Studio

This one is a no-brainer when it comes to the list of smart devices. The journey of smart home equipment begins with a smart home assistant and what better smart home assistant than Alexa? That’s what you get with Amazon Echo, the smart speaker from Amazon.

The Echo is the best out of the lot, and this is quite a big compliment considering Amazon’s lineup of smart assistants. The Echo is not only one of the best in the league of smart assistants but it’s quite a good option in terms of an audio device. The Echo has the option of integrating with thousands of smart home devices straight out of the box, which makes it the perfect product to start your smart home journey with.

Arlo Pro 4

Home security is something that should be taken seriously, especially in this day and age. And what better way to ensure the security of your house than having the place set up with smart cameras? Here comes the Arlo Pro 4, a smart camera on a budget.

Yes, you won’t get premium features like 4k video streaming, but the 2k stream is good enough that you get with this camera. And the out of the box compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant makes this a go-to security tool for every smart home setup.

Equipped with crystal clear audio-video recording during day and night, a motion tracker, and zooming functionality as well, options like these make this gadget a must-have for your smart home.

Eufy Video Doorbell 2k

Who has time to go to their door to check every random knock or bell? That’s why smart doorbells are here to ease up that frustration. The Eufy Video Doorbell 2k gives you the best of both worlds in terms of cost and performance. As evident by the name, this smart gadget gives you a seamless 2k video feed with a wide view for both day and night to fully show you the person who’s at your door.

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A super portable option for renters, as you can just hook up this battery-powered doorbell at your front door and it will wirelessly connect to your smartphone through Wifi. A built-in 16GB storage means that users don’t need to go for a subscription plan and this much data can easily last 2 weeks as claimed by the company.

Summing Up

The world is quickly moving toward automation and AI is rapidly integrating itself into different fields of life. That is why we are seeing an influx of smart equipment in our day-to-day life. But everything said aside, it is pretty much evident that these gadgets are the future of home care products and the sooner we adapt the better we’ll be able to interact with them. If you’re looking to start your smart home journey, the above-mentioned list is perfect for you to begin with.

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