Beginners Guide To Edit Youtube Gaming Videos

 Gaming is one of the most significant and innovative industries in the tech sector today. Its importance in terms of socialization and entertainment is undeniable. Gaming is currently offering one of the most immersive and awe-inspiring types of entertainment to over two billion people across the world, and the term “entertainment industry” is no longer reserved for the film and music industry only. A lot of people in this field have also made their careers by playing games and making YouTube content. If you are planning a career in the gaming industry, then starting a YouTube channel is a great way to begin your journey. However, simply uploading videos won’t do you any good. To be successful in the gaming industry as a content creator, you need to know how to edit gaming videos.

 Video is a very effective and convenient way to connect with your audience. People respond to video better than any other form of information, which is why companies have invested so much time and money into video content. With all this time and money invested, you must make the most of it by creating high-quality and engaging videos.

 With the introduction of gaming videos on YouTube, anyone can create a gaming channel at zero cost. These videos are a great way to connect with viewers and build your audience. However, the big issue is that most beginners don’t know how to edit their videos to make them engaging. People will only take the time to watch a video if it is high quality and engaging. Irrespective of the video topic, to create an engaging YouTube video, you need to know how to edit it.

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 Nowadays, many people want to make money on YouTube, although it’s not as easy as you might think. If you want to earn money from gaming videos, you’ll probably have to put in a lot of work. You can do this in various ways, but this blog will focus on how you can edit your YouTube videos to make them engaging and eye-catching.

1.    Record Your Gameplay At the Highest FPS (frames per second) Possible

Whatever game you play, be it First-Person Shooter, Sandbox, MOBA, Role-play, or other, you must record your gameplay at the highest FPS possible. High FPS makes your video look smooth and attractive, whereas low FPS makes it look choppy and unattractive. Although the ideal FPS for gaming videos is 60, you need to have at least the frame rate of 30 FPS for making YouTube videos.

A high frame rate makes your videos look of higher quality and smoother to watch, and it also makes the animations added to the video while editing much smoother and more fluid. Furthermore, you can also add slow-motion effects to your videos if you record your gameplay at a higher frame rate.

2.    Select an Editor and Start Editing

Choosing the appropriate video editor is certainly the most critical factor in producing a high-quality, professional, and, most importantly, entertaining gaming video. There are various editors available on the internet, each with a different set of tools, pricing, and more.

 A free online video editing tool for free offers all the basic functionalities you will need to edit your video at the start of your YouTube journeys, such as Trim, Blur, Audio Add/Edit, and more.

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Once you’ve selected your video editor, perform all the edits you want.

3.    Select and add an Audio Track

Your video’s audio is unquestionably one of the most important aspects of making a gaming video. While choosing an audio track for your video may appear straightforward, you have to give it some serious thought. Set aside a few hours to pick the right music ahead of time. If you do a voice-over, ensure the microphone is working correctly. However, even if you are doing a voice-over, you should consider adding background music to make the video engaging.

You should research what audio tracks are trending in the gaming industry, what audio tracks will your audience like, and much more. Furthermore, featuring an audio track will also increase the chances of your video getting recommended to others. However, you also need to be careful while selecting your audio track, as you have to avoid getting a copyright on your video. Select only audios that are free from copyright.

4.    Make Final Cuts

After you’ve finished editing your video, the last but most important step is to remove all the unnecessary and dull cuts. While recording your video, you may have made many segments, and you don’t have to include all of those clips in your video. Include the most entertaining, informative, or funny content in your gaming video to make it exciting and engaging. Avoid overstuffing your video by using excessive clips. Small, charming films perform just as well in capturing your audience’s attention.

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There are a lot of things that you need to learn in order to become a successful gaming content creator, and video editing is one of the most important skills you will need in this journey. You need to know how to trim your videos, cut and paste a clip, and add animations and slow-motion effects to your videos. These editing skills can improve your content and help you create engaging gaming videos. We hope you found this blog helpful, and now you know how to edit your YouTube gaming videos.

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