All about the Triund trek

Day 01 – Bhagsunath to Triund Top

 Get to Bhagsu Nag Taxi stand and start your hike towards Triund top. Try to start early so that you can get to the top by sunset time. The popular trek takes you through the famous BhagsuNag waterfall and the adjoining Bhagsu Nag temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The forest walk includes hiking through rhododendrons, colourful flowering trees, oak and pine trees.

 You will see a small Shiva café on your way which makes a perfect pit stop and you can have a lunch or snack to energise yourself. The landscape view of the Bhagsu village and Kangra valley is truly something else. You can also see the hues of Shivalik hills in the distance alongside the plains of Punjab.

 Triund top is located on the ridge and you can get a panoramic view of the Kangra Valley on one side and Dhauladhar range on the other side. You can choose to take shelter at the Forest guest house at the top or choose to camp. In case of bad weather, you will have to get down a little bit (approximately 100 metre below in altitude) and make your camp accordingly. Be sure to be amazed by the star-studded night of the Triund and engage in the chit chat around the bonfire with your friends.

 Day 02 – Checkout and trace back to Bhagsunath

 On Next day, wake up early to catch the incredible sunrise that lights up the entire Kangra Valley and Dhauladhar range with its golden sunrays. After having breakfast, you can start trekking back to Mcleodganj tracing your steps back. The downhill trek takes comparatively less time than ascending.  

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 Some Tips To make your Trip to Triund Better

 Take an Expert Guide

Having a guide for your trek is better if you don’t have any prior experience in trekking. The expert guides have knowledge of the entire trail and can handle any unforeseen scenario in a better way. Also, for the safety of the hikers, the government keeps updating the safety guidelines, rules and regulations like camping was banned in the open ground due to weather hazards. To tackle all these situations you should take help of a guide if you are new to trekking.

 Start Practice As Soon As Possible

Prevention is always better than cure. Keeping this in mind you can start practising and working on your mental and physical strength. Include a healthy diet and check if you are flexible enough to navigate through the challenges on the trek. This reduces the chances of you getting any kind of injuries and helps you prepare and enjoy the trek to its fullest.

 Purchase Comfortable Trekking Shoe

One of the main things you need to invest in is good, comfortable shoes. Try your shoes on and check if they are comfortable enough to navigate through the trails of the mountain. If your shoes are causing any kind of discomfort or blisters, immediately change them.

 Start Training with Backpack

The trekking to any place is incomplete without your backpack. However, walking on an upward surface with a heavy backpack is not an easy task. To have an idea of what you are signing yourself up to, you can practice walking with a backpack with all the necessary things to carry. Check your limits and comfortability. Choose the right kind of backpack that is easily adjustable and waterproof. You can include a few other training regimens with your backpack on your back to get used to it. Doing so will make the actual trek comfortable and fun.

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 Prevent Dehydration While Trekking

Triund trek might be an easy one but the trek in itself is a draining exercise. Your body needs to be hydrated all the time to avoid any difficulties. Keep enough water with you and sip on it every once in a while even if you think you don’t need it. As the upward climb causes increased heartbeat, sweating and hence loss of fluid. To help maintain the balance you need water to keep you hydrated.

 Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Developing a healthy diet will always help you in the long run, literally and figuratively. Try to stack up on energy bars and energy drinks while you set out for the trek. Also, even before jumping to the trek you can try including nutritious food in your daily meals to help your body prepare for the trek. For a month or so you can avoid eating packed food or snacks.

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