5 Tips To Help You Sleep Comfortably While Sitting In Your Office Chair

Never thought of the office as a place to nap before? Well, you might want to start. Sitting in your chair for 8 hours a day can be pretty rough on your back and neck. That’s why we’ve compiled 5 tips that should help you sleep comfortably while sitting in your office chair.

Cushion tips for office chairs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They can help to make sitting in your chair more comfortable by providing additional padding where it’s needed most – under the thighs, for example. They’re also great for providing extra lumbar support if you sit at a computer all day. Cushion tips for office chairs are available in a variety of styles, including u-shaped, curved and rectangular.

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  • Use pillows

If you’re going to be sleeping sedentary for more than 20 minutes, it’s important to use pillows so that you can lean back and get some support from behind. This will also make sure that your head is elevated enough so as not to cause any pressure on the spine.

  • Adjust your chair

If you don’t like the way your office chair feels, make sure to adjust the height of your seat and tilt it to the appropriate position. Also, you can improve the efficiency of your chair by using a pad or a pillow between your knees in order to build up some cushion. Not only will this give you more comfort, but it will also prevent any risk of pain when sitting.

  • Wear a good pair of shoes
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The worst thing that can happen when sleeping at work is knee pain from wearing bad shoes. Your best bet is to wear sneakers or some sturdy work shoes that are both comfortable and sturdy at the same time. Not only are sneakers better than most shoes, but they also provide more cushioning around the knee than most office chairs do.

  • Stretch your arms

Not only does stretching for 20 minutes before sitting help prevent cramps in your muscles, but it also helps relieve stress and tension. Stretching before you sit will help you feel more refreshed, too!

  • Use a good pillow

The right pillow can go a long way in helping to minimize any pain and discomfort while sleeping at work. You want to make sure that your pillow is thick and not too soft. When you’re trying to sleep comfortably at work, you’ll want something that won’t toss and turn all night long.

  • Never sleep in your office

There’s no doubt that sleeping in your office can be dangerous, but it’s also not very comfortable. If you don’t have the luxury of a bed at work, you should avoid sleeping in your office at all costs. This can lead to serious health problems and injuries for both you and others around you.

Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of dangerous diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke. In fact, it’s said that American adults are sleeping an average of 6.9 hours on a given night! That’s almost half a full hour less than what we need to function properly.

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