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5 benefits of impact windows to keep in mind

Storm impact windows shield residential areas against large, wind-borne debris. From the outside, they appear to be just like regular windows. Nevertheless, unlike regular windows, they come up with a cost-effective, long-term solution for damage – ideal for homeowners who reside in areas where hurricane season is just another part of summer and fall. Unlike hurricane shutters, which play the role of a physical but light-blocking barrier, storm windows South Florida permit homeowners to see outside. With that said, you might even want to double your protection and invest in both hurricane shutters and storm impact windows to amply prepare for hurricane season in your area.

Storm Protection

One of the major benefits of impact windows is their power to withstand waving debris; they offer the best protection against the hurricane-force winds that endanger properties every year. Reported by he Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), windows and doors are the first-string sources of most household damage during a violent storm—which is why it’s so important to defend them.

These storm impact windows employ impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process to aid your home withstand pressure from high winds, debris, and hefty rains. Not only will this engineering application keep your belongings safe, but it will enhance the chance of your house remaining intact.

Discounts on Insurance

With home insurance premiums in coastal states on the rise, homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas are on the hunt for discounts and budget-friendly impairments. You might be surprised to learn that investing in storm windows South Florida can help you spend less on home insurance.

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Many home insurance policies come up with discounts to homeowners who upgrade each entry point of their house. Adding shutters or impact glass is a huge price reduction, but every opening must be secured.

Over time, insurance savings could help rationalize the cost of rising premiums. This is particularly important if you live somewhere like in South Florida, where hurricanes are becoming more intense as part of a long-term trend.

Lessens Homeowner Anxiety

Even well-prepared homeowners face anxiety about potential damage to their dwellings during a cyclone. With many homeowners still struggling to pay for impairment repairs from last year’s storms, it’s easy to realize why. One of the original initial goals is to get new roofs on homes and new storm impact windows. Wet up in residences that mostly did not have them due to their age.

Properties constructed before 2002, like many of those impacted in the Fort Myers region. Less likely to have the storm impact windows suggested by new coastal construction guidelines.


Another ancillary benefit of storm windows South Florida is that they can insulate your houses from noise. Because storm impact windows are made with laminated glass. With an additive layer of polyvinyl butyral fashioned to catch debris. They render excellent soundproofing in addition to storm protection. Impact windows will not only enhance your home’s safety should a hurricane hit. But they’ll also aid your home feel comfortable, private, and calm annually.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Storm impact glasses don’t just cover your home with their layers of impact-resistant glass, they also provide an insulating effect. If you use air conditioning or heating but your residence has single-pane glass, your HVAC system is probably working overtime. But if you switch to impact resistant windows, you might be able to lower down your energy costs. As heavier-duty windows foreclose air from escaping.

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