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4 Gifts for the Coffee-Lovers in Your Life

They say you should give a gift that you would like yourself. If that is true, and you have an obsession with coffee like the rest of us, it should be easy to find gift ideas.

From coffee subscriptions to a high-end stainless steel french press, there are so many options, you won’t be able to shop without picking up something for yourself.

Here are four gift suggestions for the coffee lovers in your life – and you too since you’re looking.


It may seem like an easy way out to give a coffee lover – coffee as a gift, but with so many options it can quickly become the last thing you want to shop for.

Coffee flavors and brands are a particular choice to many coffee lovers, and you don’t want to send a bunch of pumpkin flavored coffees to someone allergic (or adverse) to pumpkin.

Coffee subscriptions are quite popular these days, giving the big corporate businesses like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks a run for their money. They have flexible delivery options, and the recipient can usually pick and choose their favorite flavors.

What’s really cool about coffee subscriptions is the availability of all types of coffee beans from all around the world! That is not something you can get at your local supermarket or inside Target.

There is also an option to receive grounds from high-end roasters, making this a more affordable option than seeking them directly. Many subscriptions also come from local businesses, which means your coffee habit can help support someone’s success.

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Many coffee subscription companies also give back to charity. Grounds and Hounds give 20% of their profits to animal rescue groups like the Humane Society. Another company named Awareness Coffee Company supports cancer research. What a great gift!

French Press

It’s not really practical or affordable to buy a coffee lover their own espresso machine (but that would be an excellent gift). For a classic, yet economical gift, give a stainless steel French press.

A high-quality French press is the gift that keeps giving for coffee lovers. A true connoisseur can put their own spin on their self-created coffee methods and beginners can have a lot of fun learning.

The great thing about a stainless steel French press is that it will last forever, is easy to clean, and makes great tasting coffee. You can even use a French press for making tea!

Coffee Mug Warmer

Once you have the perfect coffee grounds, brewed perfectly in your stainless steel French press, you will never sit your coffee cup down again – right? Wrong!

Every single one of us ends up sitting our coffee down for a long period of time because we get busy. My grandmother used to let it cool to room temperature before she would drink it, but that’s not what most people do.

When drinking coffee at home, a mug warmer is a great option to have on hand. Since they need to be plugged in, they are ideal for the home or work office. Keeping your coffee the right temperature goes a long way in its enjoyment. It also saves us from tossing the cooled coffee down the sink after only drinking ¾ of it.

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If you want to invest, there are even mugs that come with their own warmer so that you can preset your desired temperature and regulate your coffee temp for the duration of the drink. These warmers usually run over $100, but for the true coffee enthusiast it is well worth the price tag.

If you need a more travel friendly warming mug, most coffee containers are insulated to keep things warm or hot. The traditional thermos has come a long way and there are many high quality options.


Coffee accessories is a pretty broad category, but these items are often overlooked in the gift department. If you want to get something a little more unexpected for your coffee lover, try some of these alternative suggestions.

If you know your gift recipient prefers to grind their own beans (especially if they subscribe), a coffee bean grinder is an excellent gift and is usually less expensive than a coffee drip machine.  The grind on a coffee, especially if brewed via French press, has a lot to do with the overall flavor.

Coffee scoops are probably a gift item that no one thinks about – don’t we all just use the tablespoon that came with our measuring spoon set? A true coffee lover should have a nice set of coffee spoons to accurately measure their servings.

There are endless options of gifts for coffee lovers. Try to get an idea of what type of coffee drinker your gift recipient is, then shop for the items that fit their needs best.

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